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Q: Where do the Pathwork Guide Lectures come from?


A: The 258 Pathwork Guide lectures were transmitted for many years through the spiritual channel of Eva Pierrakos. These teachings of unsurpassed wisdom were brought by a spirit entity who is known as “The Guide.”



Q: What is the purpose and aim of the Guide’s teachings?


A: The lectures offer a “working path.” Using the “tools” provided by the lectures, you learn to become undefended, to “accept life on its terms,” and overcome duality. You experience yourself as “utterly and merely human.” Ironically, this experience opens you to the aim of total realization of the divine within, your Godself.



Q: I’m already on a “path”and have been for years. Can I use this process and the “tools” offered without joining this path?


A: Yes. The teachings will help you to remove obstacles that keep you from surrendering to your own chosen path. And yet, The Guide says, we are not walking a path that is already there.


In order to find God, you must go, as we say, "on the path." The path means not that you are walking a path that is already there, for there is no path yet when you first decide on its existence! You have to make it. You are actually a "pathfinder," and act as a guide in the jungle who leads the way through all the wild shrubbery and growth and seeks an opportunity to set one foot down after another wherever this is possible. (Guide Lecture #36)



Q: In working on this path to express your own spiritual nature, do the teachings take into account individual backgrounds and life styles?


A: The only way you can learn to express this important side of your nature is by the work of self-purification and transformation – by recognizing the factors that cause you to suppress your own individuality with all its manifestations.


The maximum growth of one human being may be based on entirely different spiritual factors and ways of life and expression, than the maximum growth of another person. Your “personal spirituality is an eminently private affair.” (Guide Lecture #68)



Q: Can just about anyone relate to Guide lecture-concepts?


A: We believe the teachings in the lectures are immensely pragmatic. There is no metaphysical truth or fact in the lectures that cannot find immediate application for the task of living – wherever you are in your present state of development.


Many of the concepts introduced in the lectures are truly revolutionary. They have the power to undermine the structure of habit and hopelessness and unleash tremendous energy for growth, for change, for service.


However, no matter how far you decide to follow through with these teachings, the ultimate aim is the total realization of the divine within you.



Q: Where does the desire to study and work with the Guide’s teachings come from?


A: Every human being senses an inner longing that goes deeper than longings for emotional and creative fulfillment. The lectures are a roadmap for those who are called by a longing for a more truthful relationship with themselves, with others, and with life.


If we would try to put the meaning of this longing into concise words, perhaps the most accurate “translation” would be that it is a feeling or sensing that another more fulfilling state of consciousness and a larger capacity to experience life must exist. (Guide Lecture #204)


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