The 50/50 Work offers a deep understanding of the Pathwork Guide lectures through an illumination of the most profound concepts in the lectures – the teachings on duality (100/100), the transitional state of human consciousness (50/50), and the unitive state of consciousness (100). The teachings around these concepts form the conceptual framework for the 50/50 work.


The 50/50 Work was originally referred to as “the Keys” because the work offered keys to a deeper understanding of the Pathwork Guide concepts.


The heart of the 50/50 work is the transitional state of human consciousness (50/50). In this state, you accept life as you find it. In this state, you fully accept dualistic reality. But you simultaneously recognize the new vision evolving through the fog. Gradually, you become undefended. Gradually you “accept life on its terms.” Gradually, in the process, you become “utterly and merely human.”


50/50, then, is the work of becoming “perfectly imperfect.” To do this work, you need to become humble. “Humility” means that instead of blaming the universe for your struggle, you search for your own distortions that created this struggle. So you let go of your pride that wants to be better than human. You let go your self-will that demands life, you, and others be a certain way. And you let go your fear when it’s not.


Anyone initially entering this work should be prepared to accept you are not as perfect as you want to be. No matter how much lip service you may pay in accepting the theory of your human limitations, you have a great stake in seeing yourself in a certain way. This stake has to be questioned.


The work describes and illustrates many other misconceptions about life, ourselves and others – explaining seemingly inexplicable human behavior that is destructive and self-destructive. You will learn to impress all these levels with truthful concepts where before they were governed by misconceptions. You also meditate to visualize the untold beautiful possibilities to be realized and created on the level of our physical existence. In summary, you reveal both your darkness and your truth, and you open to receive guidance for every aspect of your life.


In the meantime, at every step in this wonderful venture, self-honesty is an absolute essential and necessary requisite for any success. Yet even if you are taking this road of purification, you cannot expect some measure of success until you are willing to “work and wait; wait and work.”


With this approach, you prepare to open the way to enter into the unified plane of existence and to be moved by your real Self. This is the place where you experience the absolute knowledge that there is only good, that there is eternal life, peace, joy, excitement and meaning. It is where there is nothing to fear, and where there is no more pain.




The 50/50 Work offers Study Guides to the Lectures to help you in your purification and transformation process. These Study Guides are in the form of (1) Questions and Answers on the Guide lectures, (2) Exercises for specific teachings in individual lectures, and (3) other materials elucidating the Guide lecture material. For more information, call or contact us here.

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