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Moira Buxton Shaw is a spiritual helper and metaphysician, who has wholeheartedly given herself to furthering the illumination of Eva Pierrakos’ Pathwork Guide Lectures.


Out of a profound belief that this remarkable material is “state-of-the-art” in purifying and transforming consciousness and energy, she spends many happy hours poring over the original manuscripts squinting, studying, and gaining deeper insights into these “immensely practical and pragmatic teachings.” Her office has become her sanctuary.


In 1983, some years after Eva Pierrakos had died, Moira had a significant dream. In this dream, Eva appeared with eyes like an owl eyes. She came to Moira with a gift, a pair of binoculars. The eye pieces were rimmed with diamonds. Eva instructed Moira to look at the lectures through the “long-distance” end of the binoculars. So, like some faithful medieval scribe hunched over a sacred text, she swore her allegiance to the Guide’s words and began an adventure in revealing the gems hidden in the lectures.


After years of holding her iron magnet of consciousness over the 258 lectures, what began to be revealed was a coherent pattern of concepts and principles, just like the design of iron filings when a magnet is held over them. Moira’s intuition pulled out from this vast material, a very specific map of the soul’s journey. This map included a detailed description of the terrain of various spheres of consciousness and energy, and a very precise delineation of the various principles, concepts, and terms that the Guide uses.


In the late 1980s, she was asked to craft a Helpership Training Program, a Leadership Program, and a curriculum for Pathwork Studies for the New York Pathwork Region. That assignment catapulted her work of re-examining the Guide’s work into a dimension of materializing programs that make the teaching of them more accessible and “user friendly.” She calls that work The 50/50 Work.


Students in these 50/50 programs make leaps in their understanding of the lecture material and can more easily apply the teachings to their lives. There is a quickening in the consciousness, energy, and in the vibration of information that comes through her. And those who study her elucidations claim their actual process of purifying and transforming is enhanced by octaves.


Moira met Eva Pierrakos in l966 and began studying with Eva in l967. She was the first member of a training group that Eva began. Moira’s original desire was to use the work to help children. Their relationship grew close, and often Eva would say Moira felt like her daughter.


Moira presently gives individual sessions and tutorials. She also translates the Guide’s teachings into soft-sculpture art. She makes her home in Bearsville, New York, and lives there with her husband, Bert Shaw, and her Silky, Puzzle.



Judith Garten

50/50 helper and teacher

former Executive Director of the NY Pathwork Region, Inc.




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