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Some 50/50 helpers have described the professional relationship between Moira and Bert as “an R&D team.”


Moira “creates” the material from the Guide lectures, and Bert brings it out all over the world – through training programs, workshops, individual counseling sessions and business consultations.


While Bert enjoys his forays out into the world his proclivity is more akin to a “qutub,” a hidden being who bestows blessings to unsuspecting bystanders. In the Sufi tradition, it might be the Persian rug dealer who invites his client to enjoy some tea in the back of his shop and ends up imparting the wisdom of the ages in a most ordinary manner.


Bert is held in the highest regard as a helper. He is kind and quiet. His presence allows for a profound transparency to take place for the person who comes in hungry to uncover his own true nature. His mixture of deep sensitivity and his alignment to the Guide’s teachings have aided hundreds in their quest for self-discovery. To be sure, Bert has made good use of Moira’s illuminations. He has used himself and his practice as a laboratory for her work. He brings the sensibilities of a writer, the eye of a designer, the precision of a stone wall mason, and the delight of a collector of extraordinary fish, to his helpership table. No one leaves his presence unfed.


Bert was one of the original three trustees of the world-wide Pathwork Foundation along with Eva and John Pierrakos. He was also executive director of the Phoenicia and New York City Pathwork Centers for 15 years.


In his earlier life, he was VP Creative Director of Marsteller, a NYC business-to-business advertising agency. Later, he became President of Shaw-Elliott, his own NYC marketing, advertising, and communications agency – which includes as one of its accomplishments, the creation and introduction of the first lime-yellow fire trucks.


Judith Garten

50/50 helper and teacher

former Executive Director of the NY Pathwork Region, Inc.

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